Lightweight Anti-Kidnapping Concept

Lightweight Anti-Kidnapping Concept
A fully heavy armoured vehicle may provide the highest level of protection however does come with some disadvantages, a heavy armoured vehicle has a substantial weight increase over a standard vehicle and the performance and handling requires a highly skilled and trained driver. A fully heavy armoured vehicle can be distinguished from a standard vehicle, thereby attracting potentially unwanted attention, also a fully heavy armoured vehicle has a considerably higher price point.

Designed for your safety
A-Kip® Lightweight ballistic vehicle protection draws certain parallels to the common ballistic vest. A ballistic vest does not provide the wearer with complete protection but does protect the critical parts of a person’s body. A ballistic vest can be worn discreetly under normal clothing, the wearer is not hindered by excessive weight and therefore remains agile and mobile.

Reliable & cost-effecive protection
The Trasco A-Kip® concept provides considerably more protection than a ballistic vest but the principles remain the same whereby, as a result of the lightweight protection concept, the vehicle retains all its original performance and handling characteristics, the critical areas of the vehicle have comprehensive Ballistic protection and through its application offers a cost-effective protection solution. Discretion is often the best form of defence, A-Kip® is inconspicuous by design therefore allowing the vehicle to blend in with normal traffic as the vehicle is virtually indistinguishable from a standard vehicle.